Our passionate team at Iron Anchor Cycles is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work. Whether you're seeking enhanced performance, unique customization, or reliable maintenance for your Harley, we have the expertise and dedication to bring your vision to life. From precision installations of premium parts to meticulous service, our goal is to elevate your riding experience. As enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the profound connection between a rider and their machine, and we take pride in being the go-to destination for Harley enthusiasts in New York and beyond.

Discover the pinnacle of Harley craftsmanship at Iron Anchor Cycles.

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Engine Builds
The team at IAC is ready to customize your motor build for you – from mild to totally wild! We will assist and guide you through the process with recommendations suited for any build. Based on your bike and your requirements, we will help you to find exactly what you’re looking for using only the top components available.

Performance builds are accepted by appointment only and all parts must be paid for prior to work being started. The invoice balance will be paid upon completion. There are no refunds or exchanges after customer approval. We do not install parts purchased elsewhere.
Dyno Tuning
A proper Dyno Tune is perhaps the most important part of any build, and surly not to be overlooked. With our DynoJet 250i we can precisely monitor and adjust a full complement of engine parameters, maximizing power output and efficiency. Focusing not only on 100% throttle output (your dyno sheet) we will optimize the full range of conditions that your bike will experience on the road – idle, acceleration, deceleration, cruising and everywhere in between.

Dyno tuning is a necessary final step whenever engine components have been changed – despite what you read on the forums, a base map doesn’t cut it. All motor work performed at IAC will require a tune, and we also tune bikes having had the work done elsewhere. Even without motor work, a new bike with only mild modifications (pipe/air cleaner) will benefit from a dyno tune.
Dyno tuning is performed seasonally, usually during the months of April-October depending on outside temperatures, and by appointment and drop off only. It is not possible to wait while the tune is done. Upon drop-off, bikes must be ready to go on dyno: Battery charged, full tank of gas, tires in good condition, free from any mechanical/electrical issues. If current exhaust system does not have 18mm O2 bungs, extra labor charges will be applied to Invoice to insert adaptors for tune. 

For any motorcycle that is not ready or we feel is not safe to run, you will be asked to pick it up and make a new appointment. We tune only Delpi EFI Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
Performance Upgrades
Iron Anchor Cycles offers a full range of upgrades for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We work with the best manufacturers in the industry to bring you the top parts and accessories for your bike. Just let us know what you’re looking for and our team will help you select the right parts to get your bike built right. Some of the upgrades we offer include:

- Engine performance upgrades (See Engine Builds)
- Exhaust & Air Cleaners
- Suspension
- Bar/Riser Setups
- Custom seats
- Hand & Foot Controls
- Chain drive conversions
- Full braking system upgrades (calipers/rotors/pads)
- Rockford Fosgate audio kits
- …and just about anything else!

All work is scheduled by appointment only and all parts must be paid for prior to work being started. The invoice balance will be paid upon completion. There are no refunds or exchanges after customer approval. We do not install parts purchased elsewhere.
Regular service and maintenance is critical to keeping your bike running right. Protect your investment by staying on top of it – don’t wait until something brakes! IAC services all late-model Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including scheduled mileage maintenance, tires, oil changes, brakes, and more. Give us a call today to get your bike squared away.

All service work is scheduled by appointment only. An initial estimate will be provided at time of scheduling, and we will notify you of any additional service work needed before additional work is performed. We do not install parts (or tires) purchased elsewhere.


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